About Us

what is plecoplanet?

Plecoplanet is an online community, a group of friends brought together by a fascination for all things pleco. The site was born out of necessity, Doodles (Lisa) and Scatz (Brian) were both long standing staff members at Plecofanatics, which in its prime was the largest pleco based forum on the net, but the future of plecofanatics was in doubt and without wanting to lose the community and information that the members carried with them, They decided to take the proactive step of setting up a new site to take over where Plecofanatics left off.

With the assistance of Smithrc (Russell) as admin, and several experienced and well respected members on the support team, Plecoplanet soon became one of the fastest growing forums on the net.
At the time of celebrating its first birthday, Plecoplanet already had over 900 members and more than 4000 topics under its belt, as well as many articles from members on Plecoplanet and previously on Plecofanatics, breeding logs, a growing database of pleco profiles which boasts over 1000 quality photos and a free photo gallery which contains over 2000 photos, making it one of the most informative pleco sites around.

The members of Plecoplanet are all friendly, helpful and totally addicted to Plecs, there is a real magic about plecs and Plecoplanet helps to spread that magic to new members that are just entering the world of plecs, as well as to more experienced keepers and breeders alike.

With so many experienced breeders within its ranks already, there will always be someone on hand to help out with breeding questions and projects, there is a real buzz at present about breeding pleco's, spurred on by the export ban on many species meaning that wild caught specimens are unobtainable. Plecoplanet boasts a large number of members who are constantly looking for new species to breed, and many that have had great successes with several different plec species.

If you are addicted to pleco's, or merely curious about them, then Plecoplanet is certainly the place for you.