Cheap Beech wood Project

Written by rrp1973

Just thought i would share this with others!

Take a walk in any Beech wood and you should be able to find good dead branches. The best time to go is just after a high wind,this way they are fresh and not had chance to go rotten/fungussed

1. Take your branches and sand/scrape them back so there is no soft bits.
2. Lay them out how you want them to look.
3. At this point some might like to boil the parts.( I chose not to and have had no problems)
4. Drill some small holes where the branches touch, either cut or drill a larger hole at the back this is to take the plastic cable-tie head.( Make sure there are no sharp parts of the cable-tie exposed to harm your fish) 5. To hide the joints and make a more impressive look you can add java moss or other plants using fishing line.

I hope you enjoy the photos.



If you are worried about using cable ties then you could use a binding of very strong fishing line.