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    Can someone help me ASAP, I need to know the type and gender of my pleco. He was the size of my thumb nail when I got him and now he’s the size of my thumb
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    Looks like white veins. Need help!

    I went on vacation. Told my father to feed him daily. When I returned he looked like this. What is it? I already tried Melafix and I think it looks a little better. His fin is also messed up im guessing he been fighting with the other pleco. Never has happened. He doesn’t move when I tap the...
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    I'm new here...which is why I'm the new group. But i have a question that I can't seem to find a straight answer for. Can I use Erythromycin with my pleco? He's a large guy, in a tank with a few tetras and danio. One danio is sick with what I think is a gram+ bacteria and fin rot, and...
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    Plecos enter cave but no eggs

    Hey guys first time posting on this site name's Nick and I've been having some trouble with breeding my normal bristlenose plecos. See they will enter the cave he will trap her and shake and everything but never any fry (or even eggs) i have 1 male and 1 female about 8-9 cm and another female...
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    L200 Female and male Green Phantom

    Hi L200 pair male female, 15-16cm! bought 5 at 6cm 2 years. Selling a pair. Been in community L tank with no caves. Fat chunky fish! Sexes are obvious. $2500 for the pair