5 Large Plecos Available


New Member
Oct 24, 2019
Hello All,

I have 5 large pleco's I'm looking to get rid of.. I bought them when they were about 2" long. Now they are over 12" long. Very healthy, just cramped in my 60 gallon tank.

Original, I had a 36 gallon community tank and a 60 gallon community tank. When I moved, I had to downsize to just the 60 gallon tank. They've continued to grow and I want them to go to a good home with lots of room to swim around. The community tank has other small catfish, some ciclids and a few other small fish. They seem to get along because the other fish are still alive. The pleco's are just cramped in there and lay on top of each other or suck to the side of the tank. They do seem happy, but the poop is just too much. I have to clean the tank constantly to keep it clean.

I'm located in Southern California. So if anyone is interested, please message me. These fish would be awesome in any large tank and would take care of any algae for sure. Like I said, they are very healthy. No white marks, no scaly stuff or slime on them. They eat, swim around and sleep. I think they just need a good indoor pond or large tank to stretch out in.