Amano Shrimp (Caridina multidentata)


Retired Staff
Apr 8, 2009

Name: Caridina multidentata
In the past, the Amano Shrimp was classified as Caridina japonica. This turned out to be a junior synonym (more recent classification) for Caridina multidentata, which is since the summer of 2006 the official scientific name for this species.

Common Names: Japanese swamp shrimp, Yamato numa-ebi, Amano shrimp( Named after Takashi Amano, the famous aquascaper and aquarist)

Location: Asia: the southern island of Japan (Kyushu).

Max Size: 5cm(2ins)

Average Life Span: Reported to live up to 3 years but I personally have 2 that are around 4 years old

Water parameters: Temp 18–27 °C PH 6 -7
Prefer a well established tank with available algae. Care should be taken when acclimatizing these shrimp as they are most likely wild caught.

Temperament: Not overly shy, like to be out and about. They are very good algae eaters but do not eat all types of algae. They also like to eat fish food and would definitely steal your pleco's algae wafers given the chance.

Additional Info:
Rarely have these shrimp been bred successfully, this is due to the fact that they need brackish conditions for the larva to grow. Even when these conditions are provided only a few young shrimp seem to survive.

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