Can L397 pleco survive on tap water pH 8-8.2?


New Member
Sep 1, 2020
I am asking the expert here , can L397 pleco survive on my water's pH (8-8.2)?
I see conflicting information :
- one that says "Pleco will tolerate wider range of pH as long as you keep it stable" - which means maybe L397 can survive on my water pH
- one that says "This L397 Pleco really doesn't like pH higher than 7.4" - which means maybe L397 cannot survive and not the pleco for me

I prefer not to chase pH as i don't want to have a separate tank just for this type of Pleco and i chased pH before and it caused several casualties (maybe i did it wrong , but i prefer not to risk it again)

Before i buy i will seek advice if this pH is a deal breaker for L397.