Corydoras Panda


Jan 10, 2010
Thought id do a write up on how to keep and breed corydoras panda.
I have 4 at the moment, 3 males and 1 female.
I feed the 'fish treats' (the stick on the glass ones) hikari wafers (given to the plecs) and the ocasional frozen blister bloodworms.pH IS 7.3, and temp is26'C. Having too many males to females can be a problem to start with. I know thats how your suppose to have them but i can tell you my female doesnt thank me for having 3 frisky males chasing her around when she is trying to lay eggs. One of the males is a son of the trio.. will tell you about that later.
But firstly, the actual breeding of the fish. Im sure you know about the 'T' clinch etc. But when the female puts those eggs down.. i have a few tips you might want to know.
Firstly, NEVER touch the eggs until 20 minutes after the female has layed them. This is important because i have accidently crushed hundreds of eggs (nearly literally) in the time ive had them. The female fish lays her eggs usually on my huge onion plant. Its lovely to find 14 ripe eggs one day or another :clap: But back to the son of the cories. He does spawn with the 'mother' female, but rarely yeilds ripe eggs from it. The one i did manage to hatch has a deformed yolk sac that kept expanding as he grew. I put him to sleep as i only thought this was fair to him. (He wasnt happy with life :cry: ).
To trigger them i usually do a classic cool water change, but feed well the night before. I have found keeping floating fry traps out of the way is a goo idea. My fish especially dart around an awful lot :yes: And the female has has countless sores on her head because of bashing into them :wb:
When the fish spawn it is a lovely sight. But patience is key :thumbup:
No joke my female had a pair of eggs she wanted to lay and had me up for 2 hours trying to find a nice quiet place to lay her precious eggs. I find containing the fry is the HARDEST bit!! Finding something with small enough gaps etc. I eventually used a container with no gaps what so ever and airated it and changed the water regularly. I find that removing the egg from said laying patch makes it harder for the fish to hatch. The egg tends to get stuck on the head of the fish (only personal experience). The fry are the most sensitive (I find) at about 3 days old. At this stage they look like little tadpole things :clap:
I feed my fry on liquifry after 2 days, the after 10 days i change to hikari first bites. The fry are quite slow growing at first but get going :yes: By 2 months of age, the fry are normally around 2cm long. After this they are pretty straight forward, I treat the fry from this stage like the adults (SPOIT) :lol:
Any questions just ask me :)

Thankyou for reading

Jack Gillett

Some pictures of my Corydoras Panda