DIY Caves


Aug 11, 2010
Jervis Bay, NSW, Au
G'day Everyone
I would like to share with you a proven DIY Cave, I found one in a forum, Kudos goes to & Mathew Beaugard(sp) from the

OK This is what I did...
I used a clay/terracotta pot from my local nursery(70cents), 6cms x 6cms, hack-sawed it in two halves, with a half rounded basturd file (I know it is spelt wrong but it wouldn't let me write it cos it was swearing lol),
I made the opening of the cave & smoothed off the edges with the file..
Using Selleys aquarium silicone, I stuck the two halves into the cave shape. Then dismantled a cheap picture frame, and stuck the pot/cave onto the glass, Leave 4>6 days to cure..
Viola.. The perfect & proven BN breeding cave ...:yes:

The happy home owner

Then I got even more creative lol & made another one into a camo cave
This time I got smarter & used a Dremel to cut it... :D