Help members help you.


Retired Staff
Apr 21, 2009
Auckland, NZ
In order for a member or members to help you properly identify your fish the following are general requirments.

1. A topographical photo is somtimes required in order to sex certain species and aids in members being able to visualise you fish properly.

2. A side view photo is extremely helpful in identifing certain features on your fish such as pattern, dorsal rays, and in regards to sexing head length.

3. A close up of odontodes is among the most reliable ways to sex the majority of Lorricaridae species.

4. A ventral photo required in some species where odontodes are not reliable and the genital papilla is among the only options.

Lorricaridae display fright colouration and can often be confused with other species, in order to make your identification more reliable a picture in the aquarium while comfortable can help.

The pictures are best taken in a clear container with a white background.