How many males in tank?


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Jul 13, 2020
We have a 45 gallon tank with 8 Glofish, an adult L124 (sex unknown), an adult Male albino bushynose and a juvenile L144 that is now growing bristles and appears to be male. They all get along and share a cave and 2 other structures. In fact, the albino and the L144 are often upside down lounging peacefully in their structures and often near each other. The L124 prefers to be alone and is very shy.

My question is if they will still cohabitate peacefully (specifically the males) when the juvenile L144 reaches maturity? My hope is that they will since the L144 grew up around the others?

If I need to get another tank, should I get the L144 a friend? We don’t want to breed any of them-just want them happy and safe! :) Any advice is appreciated!