Hygrophila Polysperma


Retired Staff
Apr 8, 2009
1polysperrma.jpg 2503px-Hygrophila_polysperma.JPG

Name: Hygrophila Polysperma

Location in Tank: background

Demands: Easy

Water parameters: Temp 18-30 PH 5-9
No special demands.

Lighting: Low to High

CO2 required?: No but would benefit

Growth rate: Very fast

Country of origin: India, Malaysia

Additional Info: A good plant for beginners as very easy to keep and maintain. Grows very fast especially with good lighting and CO2. Needs to be pruned regularly in order to keep it from crowding out other plants. Leaves on the substrate often form new plants.

Photo 1 used with permission from Aqua Essentials
Photo 2 shared under the creative commons licence from wikipedia.