I rescued a Watermelon for $35


Jan 13, 2012
Walked into my local pet shop where I buy my dog food, not my fish, they are horrible at keeping fish. I always walk by the aquariums anyways and I saw this big fellow in a 20 gallon with nothing but plastic stones and neon colors gravel. He was totally stressed out. I asked the girl on duty where he came from and she could not tell me. I had a feeling her was a watermelon but I could not be sure. I had to bring him home! He has been living the good life in my 90 gallon for about 3 months now and has gotten huge! ( I have a friend selling me a 210 to upgrade to). He's about 8 inches by now I'd say and very fat and happy. He has also grown lots of hair and whiskers, which is why I keep referring to him as a male. I have always wanted a watermelon. I cannot believe I stumbled upon this beauty. Thanks for looking!

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Jan 8, 2016
:clap: well done for taking on this pleco he's looking really good. It's awful when fish arent treated right by those we trust to sell them to us in a good condition. I rescued a pair of adult Mustard spots last week, both from a tank without wood. It has only been a week but the male is doing very well, putting on some belly, the female is still needing a lot TLC, I hope to also have some pics of a vast improvement in them both very soon.