iTrader FAQ


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Apr 8, 2009
What is it?
A way to leave feedback for buyers and sellers in a similar way to ebay.

I can only see feedback scores in the classifieds
This is how its been set up.

Who can leave feedback?
A thread has to be posted in the classifieds on Plecoplanet, feedback for sales elsewhere are not permitted. Each buyer can leave feedback and the seller can also leave feedback for each buyer.

How do I leave feedback?
There are two ways to access the feedback section of a member. The first way is click on the number that follows iTrader on the right of the members postbit but only in the buy/sell forums. The second way is via a members profile and its the very last tab.

Do I have to include a sales link?
Yes, this is mandatory. Copy and paste the link url into the box.

I changed my mind about leaving feedback, what do I do?
You have 10 minutes after leaving feedback to edit or delete it. If the time has already expired then please contact admin stating your reason.

I want to leave feedback for the same member but a different sale thread
In order to help prevent spam and duplicate ratings you will have to wait 12 hours.

Someone left me feedback but I'm not ready to leave feedback for them yet, how long do I have?

30 days

I can't leave feedback for more than 3 members a day, why?
Members that have a feedback score of less than 3 are considered 'New traders', New traders can't leave more than 3 per day.

Can I look through the traders list?
Sure, if you click on community and then click iTrader, you will see the main iTrader page with various statistics and also a search funtion. This is the link
Also when viewing the Plecoplanet memberlist you can see an itrader score if applicable.

Someone left me negative feedback but I haven't traded with them, what do I do?
Use the report feedback icon and it will be investigated, if admin aren't confident that any feedback is bogus then it will stay.

We know that the majority of members are good honest folk and wouldn't dream of abusing the iTrader system. We are also aware that there are a few members that would. Please bear in mind, any member that abuses iTrader is risking being banned completely from using the buy/sell forums.

Forum rules apply when leaving feedback. This is the link to Plecoplanet's rules.

Any questions, comments, feedback etc, please use this thread.