JBL CrystalProfi 500 Filter Media Upgrade


Jan 6, 2010
Gold Coast (Queensland)

So today i received my new bio media for my JBL CrystalProfi 500 canister filter,
as i have decided to change all the media in this filter which is on my 6x2x2 tank
along with a Otto PF-450G canister filter.

Filter media:
3X CerMedia MarinePure 1 litre 22x38mm Spheres.
Mr.Aqua,Porous Ceramic Rings Medium size 15mm x 15mm 5L.

Started off by washing the media in buckets with the garden hose to remove all dust
particles and loose debris,then soaking it in 10 litre buckets with seachem prime for
about an hour.

As there is about a 2 inch cavity under the 1st stage basket i put some old ceramic rings
in 2 media bags to fill the void.

1st Stage Basket:
The first basket consists of 3x25mm media sponges 2x coarse sponges (15ppi) than a fine sponge (35ppi)

2nd Stage Basket:
The 2nd basket has 33 CerMedia MarinePure Spheres along with a hand full of the Mr.Aqua rings,I might
change this later for more MarinePure as i think i can get another 6 to 8 spheres in this basket.
I still have 33 spheres left but will need this to upgrade my Otto PF-450G at a later date.

3rd Stage Basket:
The third basket is holding the Mr.Aqua,Porous Ceramic Rings along with another coarse sponge (15ppi)

I know that peoples method of placing the media in stages differ,but i found that this was the best
way for this filter as how the media is placed, and i am up to any suggestions or any thoughts as a better
way,the filter seems to be performing well and only time will tell if this media has improved this biological system.

I hope you found this interesting...Regards Pirarucu.


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Apr 22, 2009
Burrum Heads, Queensland, Australia
I only have coarse sponges now and no filter wool and it saves me having to clean the filter wool all the time. My canisters are now set and forget and I just clean the tubes every so often. I have marinepure in mine and macropore in a bag.
The otto are very good filters but I found with multiple tanks my power bill was high. Now I mostly use Eheim 2215 filters in my tanks.


Jan 6, 2010
Gold Coast (Queensland)
Yeah i gave up on filter wool years ago it's just to much drama, might be good for a week or so but flattens out and reduces flow, i'm using 1 finer sponge on top of 2 coarse sponges in 1st basket
and have done for ages with no problems, and it is a real sponge and not wool and its a 35ppi sponge a product of JBL, and i'm hearing you on the electricity side of things the price is crazy and only just got mail from origin saying it's going up on 1st July, also i just acquired 2 more canister filters on gumtree for $50 and one was a otto PF450G so that's 2 in my collection now.