L046 - L201 - L201 Hatchlings :)


Nov 6, 2014
Thought Id share a video I took of this tank.
Its got:
5 x Zebs and 4 x L201 in the container are 6 fry from the L201s first spawn last week. :clap:
Though, you'll only see one, breakdancing a bit because of the light.
Didn't want to disturb them too much, the rest are under the log.
They're there tho.. :thumbup:

I don't disturb this tank much, but when I do, all the zebs decide THEY want to be under this one piece of wood, in a favourite area for them.
The 2 species tend to keep away from each other.
The L201 take up 2/3rds of the tank, while the zebs take up the other 3rd.
With the zebs going into the L201 area a lot.
But never the other way around, which is odd.

But the video shows the action that goes on with them when I start filming or trying to take photos.
Enjoy! :thumbup: :clap: