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Apr 8, 2009
All assigned numbers: L080 L080.jpg

Name: Peckoltia sp. L080

Common Name :

Location : Tocantins River, Araguaia River, Para, Brasil



Compatibility: Mainly peaceful but can be a little territorial, this can be combated by providing plenty of hiding places and not over crowding. Being smaller in size, these suit many aquariums.

Sexing and Breeding: Males develop odontodes on the front pectoral fins whereas females don't. Females are wider across the girth which is easier to see when viewed from above. A Cave spawner.

Diet: An omnivore that leans towards a meatier diet, so the main diet should consist of meaty foods such as frozen foods (tubifex, mosquito larvae, blood worms, artemia), dry foods (freeze-dried foods, flakes, granules), carnivore sinking pellets, and occasionally some small pieces of shrimp, mussels or fish fillet. Once acclimatized, it may also accept vegetable matter such as algae/spirulina disks and fresh vegetables (lettuce, zucchini/courgette, eggplant/aubergine, capsicum, carrot, peas, preboiled spinach).

Water parameters: temperature 25-29C or 77-84F and ph 5.5-7.5

Max Size: approx 12cm / 4.71 inch

Bred by: Not reported to PP, however has been bred overseas in Germany many times.

Additional Comments: Photo thanks to Ingo Seidel Back to Nature.
Further info from http://www.welsfans.de/index.php?art=168

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