L091 Leporacanthicus triactis

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Apr 8, 2009
All assigned numbers: L091

Name: Leporacanthicus triactis

Common Names: 3 Beacon pleco

Location: Venezuela: Orinoco

L 91 Nov06.jpgL091_32.jpgL091_33.jpgL091_flash.jpg
L091_no_flash.jpgL091a_no_flash.jpgL091-with flash.jpg

Appearance: A Striking fish which is unmistakable. Base colouration is a dark brown with darker brown/black spots. This pleco gets its common name from having bright orange first rays of its dorsal and caudal fins and an orange adipose fin. Some specimens have an almost completely orange dorsal fin, these are known as dragon fins.

Compatibility: As long as enough hiding places are offered, the L91 is a fairly peaceful and unproblematic fish that can be kept with a wide variety of fish.
3 Beacon plecos can be kept solitary as well as with its own kind or other robust bottom dwelling fish. If a small group of these fish are kept together, it's very important to assure that all fish have enough room to set up territories of their own, and that enough hiding places (plants, rocks, wood) are present. If not, this generally peaceful fish can become stressed and develop a rather nasty, aggressive disposition towards its own kind as well as other bottom dwellers - and because of its impressive set of teeth it can inflict serious, sometimes even fatal injuries!

Sexing and Breeding: Males have wider heads and generally more colourful.

Diet: A Wide selection of foods can be offered including mussel, prawns, algae wafers, sinking catfish pellets and bloodworm.

Water parameters: Aim for a ph of 6.0-7.6 and a temperature of between 24c-28c

Max Size: Around 9" standard length

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Additional Comments:
A Truly stunning pleco but somewhat elusive! Takes longer than most plec to become outgoing during the daylight hours but your patience will be well rewarded.

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