L108 Squaliforma cf. emarginata

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Apr 8, 2009
Name: Squaliforma cf. emarginata

Common Names: L011, L108, L116, L131, Red Fin Thresher Pleco, Thresher Pleco


Squaliforma Emarginata.jpg

Appearance: A silvery background with random dark spots with an overall red or orange sheen to this fish that gives it its common name. When viewed from above this fish has a slender and rather thin body with a fairly narrow head, also a slightly compressed look when viewed from the side Can be distinguished from other species within the genus by its long crescent shaped caudal fin which has a red or orange outer margin.

Compatibility: Can be kept with smaller pleco’s and fish avoid large fish that may spook or bully it

Sexing and Breeding: unreported

Diet: An omnivore with a preference towards greens. Cucumber, courgette, sinking pellet food, basically a mixture of greens and meaty foods

Water parameters: PH 6.4 - 7.2(low Kh of under 5} Temp 25.0-28.0°C /77-82.4°F

Open spaces giving plenty of swimming space, A fish prone to suddenly dashing across the tank, so avoid sharp edges and items that may damage the fish

Max Size: This fish gets quite large at 15†is really a fish that will need a very large tank

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Additional Comments:

This fish is seen occasionally in the trade usually as a contaminant in Xingu shipments as it comes from an area rich in fish.
It is widespread throughout the Amazon.

Photo Ingo Seidel - Back to Nature

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