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Apr 8, 2009
All assigned numbers: L177


Common Names: Gold nugget pleco, Queen gold nugget

Location: Rio Iriri

1_177_4454.jpgL 177 0708.jpgL177GOLDNUGGET.jpg

Appearance: Typical of "gold nugget", black bodied with white spots and a yellow seam to the dorsal and tail.
L177 had larger spots than L081 and when young is easy to confuse with L018, although L177 tends to have a slightly broder yellow seam to the fins

Compatibility: Relatively peaceful towards all tank mates,but can get more territorial and aggressive to its own kind as it matures. does not tend to bother other tank mates at all

Sexing and Breeding: As with most L numbers, males tend to grow more "Hairy" than females and have a thicker leading ray on the pectoral fins that will grow small spikes. no reported breeding

Diet: Omnivorous. will accept most foods, a variety of food should be offered, including meaty foods as well as fresh veg. they will also graze/ rasp on organic growth in the aquarium

Water parameters: Not especially fussy when it comes to water so long as it is clean and stable, temp should be kept between 24c and 29c, plenty of current and oxygen should also be provided

Max Size: just under 10", usually a fair bit smaller

Bred by: unreported

Additional Comments:

Infamous for being hard to acclimatise initially, it is important to get L177 eating quickly, being an aufwuchs grazer, it is important that these fish are not added to a newly set up aquarium.
A well matured tank should provide plenty of biological growth throughout the tank for them to eat.
L177 shows very little growth annually, and is usually extremely shy making them very elusive
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