New to scaping tank for Corydoras.


Mar 29, 2015
A bit of help please. I am turning my current tank Aqua One 980T into just a Corydoras tank. I am keeping the present substrate which is swimming pool filter sand along with Java Fern and various mosses. Previously it was a community tank. Volume is 240 ltrs with External 1000 lph canister, under the hood type filter system @ 1000 lph.

Current fish in it are 2 BN, 5 Bronze Cories, 4 Pepper and 3 Sterbai. As I live in a rural town, I went up to the city the other day and could not help myself in the LFS, buying the 2 bronze,3 peppered and the 3 sterbai.

My question, how much rock structure do Corydoras like.?

My idea is to build rock formations in one corner of the tank along with Java Fern blended in and have a large open area for them to rummage around etc.

Many thanks.
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