Qantas airfreight refunds for incorrect charges.


Mar 21, 2011
Hi Guys,
I've been having issues with the new Qantas Air Freight (QAF) categories, same as everybody else has.
I've spoken to QAF on several occasions and over the phone they insist that live tropical fish must go into the category QGO Pets or QGO Animals.
These categories cost "double + some" compared to the old perishables rate.

Yesterday I had some fish shipped from Brisbane to Melbourne, the seller was charged $120 QGO Pets for a 6 Kg box.
He booked them in at Brisbane & was told they would be on a 1:00 pm flight.
When shipping under QGO Pets or Animals, they should allocate the box to the next specific flight.
I got onto the tracking site at 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm and the only thing that had been entered was the book in time 11:04am. (they were already supposed to be on a flight).
I called Qantas, they told me that they were maifested to a 3:00 pm flight.
It didn't leave Brisbane until 3:00 pm arrived in Melb. 5:25pm pickup 6:25pm.
So we are all paying Extra costs for less service and real time information.

While I was waiting at the pickup terminal, I spoke to a really helpful guy who shall remain nameless. I told him about the confusion and issues we are all having with Qantas, the new categories and exorbitant charges.

He told me that
"FSH" live tropical fish should always be shipped under QGO Fresh,
then he searched his e-mails and found a category matrix which clearly places "FSH" live tropical fish in the QGO Fresh category.
He then proceeded to print out the matrix, and a another sheet stating the definition of the code;

He then told me anybody who has been incorrectly charged, and still has the AWB should contact Qantas Air Freight, and ask to speak to a senior person or manager to discuss the refund that is due because of being incorrectly charged QGO Pets or Animals, instead of QGO Fresh.

Ask them to look up the definition of
"FSH" on their system, then ask them to check the
"Front Counter Quick Reference Guide to Q-GO" and see if they can find "FSH" in the QGO Fresh section.

I think that they have been as confused as we have with the new STREAMLINED Q-GO Categories, but if we all hammer this home and bug them enough, somebody will make the correct categories known to all telephone and counter staff across the country, and we will all be able to enjoy our hobby without worrying about more added expenses.

Cheers Tony
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Nat's Fish

Nov 14, 2011
Thanks a lot Tony. Appreciate the info. I've given up on them. It's not worth my while anymore but this info may change that.