Sump setup


Sep 9, 2009
Exeter, UK
I am going to be getting two 48' Width x 18' High x 26' Depth tanks and want to go try the sump approach for filtration, I have a spare tank that is 170 tank I can use but would this be too big?

I have 2 x eheim 2000 compacts ready for the pumps & 2 inline 300 watt heaters & dont know whether to get filter socks or sponges for the prefilter, I have around 20KG of cintered glass rings would these be ok as the biologic filtration or would something else be better?

Thanks in advance for advice :yes:
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Apr 26, 2009
Stroud (Gloucestershire)
Hi , 2 days and no comments. Regarding sumps i dont think you can ever have to big a sump. the bigger the better. if its divided up well so that all the water flow passes through all the media you can always have a extra chamber empty when you can hold fish that need a little private time:thumbup: your media sounds ok to start with and alot of things can be used in a sump so you can always add to what you have.

post up if you choose to go the sump way . i have and never lookd back