Top 10 Funniest Things You've Ever Heard Someone Say At A Local Fish Store


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Apr 8, 2009
[SIZE=+2]Top 10 Funniest Things You've Ever Heard Someone Say At A Local Fish Store (LFS)...[/SIZE]

10) Lady looks at the display tank and asks, "Is that a salt water fish?" ("Yes Ma'am") Points to another fish in the same tank, and asks "Is that a salt water fish too?"
Brandon1652 of Norman, OK
9) I once heard a guy say to his girlfriend, "look hun...seahorses." Her reply was "Wow...those are real? I thought they were mythical animals like unicorns."
luvreefs23 of Someplace, Ohio
8) "The most expensive part of the hobby is the initial cost of the aquarium and stand."
Crazieveggie of Kansas
7) "After a couple months this coral will grow out enough so you sell frags. The money will more than offset the cost of maintaining your tank."
Sbertomen of Albany NY
6) So what kind of skimmer do you have? "Oh, I'm pretty sure it's a protein skimmer."
paca444 of Central New York
5) "Do blood shrimp need blood to survive?"
DezignMe of Lafayette, IN
4) "...but it's called a purple REEF lobster, he couldn't have done anything wrong."
Kraylen of Monterey Bay, California
3) Standing in front of the LFS's 300 gallon reef, the owner and a man off the street are talking. The man asks "So how expensive is a salt water tank?" To this the owner replies "It costs a bit to get everything started, but after that the only expense you have is food."
rubysmomma1 of Indiana
2) "If my wife comes in to buy me a gift card for Christmas, don't tell her that I've been in here this week.... better yet, act like you don't know who I am."
joedirte8 of Houston, TX
1) "I want to return this mag float because it had been floating in my tank for 2 weeks and has not collected any algae."
Dcamp of Evansville, Indiana