Trying to ID some corys


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Dec 26, 2015
New York, USA
Doing some research, I'd settled on a few varieties of corys for my planted 23g long tank with some resident cardinal tetras.

Went to the LFS and they had a tank with the label "cory meli."

Great, I thought, cory melinis... one of my choices. Brought them back and posted pics here and there, and people said "nice looking fish, but definitely not melinis."

Checking up on it I had to agree: they aren't. By my own research I thought they might be melanistius, which makes less sense abbreviated to "meli" than does melinis, but workable, and they can pass as melanistius. I eventually went back to the LFS and one guy there agreed they're melanistius.

However, I have a bunch of people insisting that they're delphax, which is a whole different ball of wax as delphax are among the bigger corys out there, and my tank isn't on the large size.

Right now the corys are small (under 2") though that might just mean they're juveniles.

Anyone have any thoughts?