Trying to save a small starved L14


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Jun 9, 2017
Cape Coral, FL
I know we've all scene rare pleco's kept in inadequate conditions since shipping and at our local pet stores, obviously all pleco's don't eat algae wafers. I consider myself very well versed in feeding the many different species including my favorite L14's.I'm trying to rescue a malnourished 1.5" L14 I found yesterday, his belly is concaved, but eyes are not sunk. So far I've:
Set up a quarantine tank, water from my 300g with 4 large L14's and wood and a rock from said tank, small power head to create current, bio-wheel filter with Purigen, no lighting, temp 82F, and offered all my other L14's favorite food: zucchini & raw shrimp, as well as carrot & some blood worms since he's way too small for earth worms. Anyone had any success in coaxing one to start eating? I know if they're too far starved they may never eat again, anyone suggest antibiotics? or other medicines?