Wanted to make a background

this is from a mate not mine
Wanted to make a background for my new(secoundhand) 6x2x2.5

Had a look at a few difrent ways of doing it and ended up using someideas from the diffrent ways

Got some poly from the WIZ for free Thanks Mate :D

What do you all think?

Step 1 cut poly to size of tank
cut random picecs of poly to make rock shapes and glue on top of each outher with a small blob of silicone :D

Step 2 go over all the edges with expanding foam The stuff that comes in a preasure pack

Spray random foam over back ground to make outher features

Step3 melt away poly to make caves note spray foam will not melt
smooth down foam with a wood rasp/file
Then when you are happy with the shape cut into sections to fit in tank openings

Step4 render all over with premix cream morta

Step 5 add some colour to next coat (cement Oxide) and do some more use drifrent colours to get the shade you want i only used two
Black & sand stone all done using a brush

Step 6 seal with pond sealer i sprayed it but you can also brush it on

Step 7 Silicone to back of tank
render up the joins
Seal the joins with the sealer and a brush
Instr on sealer say leave for 7 days before filling with water :D

Here are some outhers i have made :lol:

Regards Cobby


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Sep 9, 2010
wow looks great. my only concern would be as follows. After a while there surely will be algae etc growing on this wall. Ls as you know have a tendancy to rasp at this stuff. My concern would be if the rasp at this stuff if it is possibly not good for their health maybe ? cheers jk :thumbup: