Did you know?


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Apr 8, 2009
This thread is for showing some of the useful but maybe not noticed things on Plecoplanet. New members especially may not be aware of things that are part of the forum.

Anyone can add to this thread if they find or know anything that could of been forgotten about or often overlooked.

Firstly I am starting with awards. I am including a link which contains info about how to achieve them them but this is more about the visual side of them.

If you look to the right of anyones post, you will see a box with icons in(providing they have been given an award)

Each of the award icons is clickable, so If I click on the medal icon, i get taken to a list of awards given and that given award is highlighted in bold like so

Another way to see awards is via someone's profile

Once in someone's profile, you will see

You need to click on the activity tab and then you will see

All the awards contain links to whatever the award was given for, so if you click one of the article links, you will be taken to that article.

For more information regarding awards, see here http://www.plecoplanet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6171