DIY Caves day


May 17, 2013

Today I had a day of DIY caves, inspired by other posts I have seen, and also by the prices that some are charging, I decided to try my hand at making some caves firstly using some slate tiles and secondly using some over bake clay.

Completely forgot whilst I was doing it to take pictures throughout, but this is the final piece for the slate caves. I used three 12"x12" tiles, an electric tile cutter, and marine silicone:

The structure is 30cm wide, the base layer is 20cm deep, middle is 15cm deep, top is 10cm deep. The bottom dividers are 5cm tall, the top dividers are 3cm tall. I covered the back with 2 pieces that are 30cm x 5cm

Im really happy how it turned out considering I have never done anything like it before

My second foray into DIY caves was with some oven hardening clay.

This is the brand that I used:

Without ordering through the internet, it was the only suitable clay I could buy off the shelf. I bought it for £9.99 from The Range. I really really wish it was a different colour though.... youll find out why shortly...

Next I flattened them out and cut them into squares:

Then rolled them into cave shapes. We had a good laugh afterwards as because they were flesh coloured and meant for doll sculptures, they looked...well...see for yourself lol....

I havent put anything into the tank yet as I need to wait for the silicone on the slate to dry fully first, so will look at doing some remodelling then.
I tried one of the caves in the tank and it doesnt look as bad as I thought it was as you see it from head one. I also have a strong blue led light in there which drastically changes the tone of the clay.