Need help


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May 3, 2020
Broken hill nsw
New to the site, but not to the breeding game.
However I have a MAJOR PROBLEM!

For going on 5 Years and countless successful breedings, not once have I ever had a BN fry survive long enough for them to grow up..
I dont know what im doing wrong, my set up is good with my male and 2 females breeding constantly.
But about a week after my male has successfully fanned the eggs and 40- 50 fry come out of the log slowly over the next week or so they all die off.

My tank is 1.5Ft x 2Ft x 9in, planted java fern (not heavily), 2 x drift wood with anubis nana attached, 3 lava rocks, a ceramic cave (Which has never failed to breed in) and soil bottom covered layered with small pebbles to cover soil.
Temp runs 27c, i have a small filter pumping mostly oxygen and a small (but efficient) air pump running a oxygen rock for more oxygen and the tank itself has a pump that filters the water.
There is no predators in the tank, just dad and the 2 females, i do water changes every 3days, feed them 2 times a day.
What am i doing wrong?