Wound treatment from a possible heater burn by Ani-mal-lvr


May 20, 2009
Wisconsin U.S.A.
Here is my treatment of a 13 inch L273's belly wound/sore.

When I first discovered the wound/sore. I did not know what it was from. (still dont know for sure) I just wanted him to heal up.

My treatment went as follows.
Day 1 first sighting of the wound/sore.

First off, I did a 25-30% water change. Then dosed with Melafix/Pimafix cocktail.

From there it was almost daily water changes of 15%, along with redosing Melafix/Pimafix cocktail.
(I say almost daily w/c's, cuz I was outta town for 3 days. While I was gone my daughter was dosing for me tho)

On about the 4th day he had the 50 gallon Q-tank to himself. I started to raise the tank temp. I gradually raised it up to 82-84f.

Throughout the treatment, even from day one he was alwayz eating, like a pig I might add. So that was a good sign.

This treatment continued, 4 weeks and counting.

10-15% water change
Dose Melafix
Dose Pimafix
Kept temp. @ 82-84f

The following pics show his progression.

2 weeks of treatment:

At almost 3 weeks:

Here at just over 4 weeks of treatment:

I hope this helps someone.